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Siobhain Smiton - About me


My Experience

I am an internationally-experienced executive coach and organisational consultant, working with clients across sectors and disciplines including General Management, Commercial, Financial, Technology, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Medical.

My 18 years of experience spans 10 years with BP plc in the UK and 8 years with Novartis in Switzerland, enjoying leadership and consultancy roles in Sales & Marketing and HR. My final role was Head of Talent Management, Organisational Development & Staffing for Novartis Pharma Manufacturing, a global organisation of 12,000 associates and 24 manufacturing sites.

For the last 14 years I have been coaching leaders, developing leadership teams and working with departments, functions, country, cluster and enterprise-wide to support their organisational development.

I am trained to EMCC Senior Practitioner Executive Coach level.

I am accredited to run, debrief and coach using:

 - Leadership Circle Profile, Manager Edition and Leadership Culture Survey

- Human Synergistics Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) instrument and Leadership Work Styles (LWS) instrument


I am a doctoral candidate at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust in `Consultation and the Organisation`.

I work in English, French and Italian


My Approach

 I work with clients to support their understanding of their motivations and strengths, generating greater insight into their unconscious barriers to fulfilling their potential whether through individual coaching, team development or organisational consulting. My aim is to facilitate understanding of how the client`s patterns interplay with the organisation and wider environment, to refine their own identity as an effective, influential and resilient leader. 


What's in it for you?

Executive Coaching:

Trained at the internationally-renowned Tavistock Consulting (Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust), clients can expect a profound coaching experience that will help them deepen their understanding of their unconscious patterns and how they play out in their working life. Understanding these patterns gives an individual a deepened insight into how they as both a person and role incumbent view self and interact with the organisation around them in productive and unproductive ways. 

I work directly with organisations as a coach and also with private individuals seeking to refine their effectiveness in the world of work.

Clients describe the coaching experience as supportive, challenging, cathartic and practical.

Team Development:

When working with teams, the focus is customised based on what they need in order to deliver their primary task. Typical focus areas include team primary task, deliverables, roles and boundaries, team processes and group dynamics, and the team in relation to the organisation and stakeholders. 

My role with the team is to provide process and team coaching; the team is in charge of their work content. This is an important boundary that I  respect.  

Previous clients have described my approach as sensitive, practical, unobtrusive, insightful and sustainable. They have remained in charge of their content and adopted the practices for team reflection and health to support their continued effectiveness.

Organisational Consulting:

This area of work addresses the structural and psychodynamic aspects of organisational change whether with an entire company or between teams.

Areas where I have supported change are in organisational restructuring, acquisition, separation, business model transformation and culture change. I work with the organisation to design and help manage their change, aiming to keep focus and efficiency of effort, particularly with psychological and emotional energy usage, given these are usually the most depleted energy sources in times of change. 

Clients have described the benefits of working with me as turning creative ideas into action to support the transition, sensitivity to and skill in working with the emotional side of change, and bringing a lightness to heavy work.